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Dr.Anish S Ajayan​

Dr.Anish S Ajayan is an ayurvedic physician who has started learning Ayurvedacharya(BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) since 2006. He graduated from Kerala University in 2012. Since then he had a fortune to learn the traditional and scientific knowledge from great teachers who were eminent in their field. He is practising ayurvedic medicine and sharing his knowledge on Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology to students who are approaching him. He has experience in anatomy related to yogic practises and he is also sharing his knowledge on the physiological benefits of Yoga on Human body. Also he gives a better understanding of your body type, specific problems and cure of the problems by a combination of Ayurveda and Yoga in an equilibrium to maintain the equilibrium in your body. He also shares his knowledge in marma therapy, a special healing system in Ayurveda science.