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Terms and Conditions

To ensure a successful Yoga Teacher Training Course and to be able to immerse in the spiritual roots of yoga, adaptation to local habits, open-mindedness and acceptance of the instructions given by the teachers are important and we will ask you to follow our terms and conditions as stated below:


  1. Attendance at all classes, lectures and meditation sessions is mandatory. Inform the teacher immediately, in case you cannot attend the class.

  2. Inform the school one day in advance, in case you do not participate in any meals.

  3. Taking any kind of intoxicants (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) is strictly prohibited during the course.

  4.  No mobile phones in yoga classes, meditations or lectures.

  5. Turn off the lights before 10.30pm.

  6. Pranam Yoga Joseph cannot be held responsible for injuries that happen without the presence of the teacher (self-practice). 

  7. In case of pregnancy or if you have any medical problem, inform us before the beginning of the course. This course is intensive and requires sound physical and mental health and therefore it is strongly advised that all participants have a clean bill of health with no previous known medical conditions which might jeopardize your participation in the course. All participants are required to see after his or her own health during the course, including any required medication, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, etc. 

  8. Pranam Yoga Joseph cannot be held responsible for anything that happens outside the course and the course premises.

  9. Photography, video, audio recording during classes and ceremonies is only permitted with the permission of the course director.