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Welcome to Pranam Yoga Joseph

About Pranam yoga Joseph

Joseph is the founder of Pranam yoga joseph and has been teaching yoga for over 30 years! He has the ability to connect no matter the size of the yoga class,  In 2018 Joseph registered his school Pranam Yoga joseph in kerala with Yoga Alliance® to offer Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Kerala, India. Yoga practitioners from all over the world thus have the chance to study how to teach Josephs unique style and learn from his many years of experience in a certified 200 hours yoga teacher training course.

Who is Joseph?


Yoga master and lead trainer Joseph Konnoth was born in Cochin, in the Indian state of Kerala in 1961. He
graduated in the traditional Hatha style from the Cochin Institute of Yoga Asana in 1984. In 1988 he started
working as a Yoga teacher in his own center, a branch of Cochin Yoga Institute. Since several years he is now
living in Varkala, Kerala where he successfully runs his school Pranam Yoga Joseph. In 2012 he became a
member of Yoga Alliance®.
Joseph’s practice is based on the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. He not only teaches Yoga but lives a life truly
devoted to yoga practice and philosophy. Being a leading example to many he nowadays has a lot of students
from all over the world who regularly travel to India to work with him.
Joseph teaches all levels from beginners to advanced students. His true passion is helping students to explore
their individual strengths and identify the areas that would need improvement to leading them step by step to their
full potential and more advanced asanas.